Diva Brows - Miss MyMy
ibrow addict removable eyebrows
Diva Brows - Miss MyMy
Diva Brows - Miss MyMy
Diva Brows - Miss MyMy

Diva Brows Removeable eyebrow tattoos for eyebrow loss

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Beautiful Eyebrows "IMMEDIATELY".
What do you do when you weren't blessed with beautiful eyebrows, or you're experiencing eyebrow loss due to alopecia, chemotherapy , over plucking or thin sparse eyebrows?
Up until now pencils and powders have been the solutions of choice....but we all know what happens when/if we get them wet, or in the morning; our beloved eyebrows that took so much time to create are gone.

What if you could have beautiful well arched, natural eyebrows immediately? These are removable fake eyebrows that look real. The hair on your eyebrows are very fine sometimes causing eyebrow wigs to look very fake. Eyebrow extensions are also a possibility but the time to put them on and cost can be very high.

IBROW ADDICT semi permanent eyebrow tattoos offers an easy solution within minutes, at a reasonable price. Easy to apply, so you can do them yourself and very natural so no one will know you are wearing anything. All they will see are beautiful well arched eyebrows that frame your face perfectly.

IBROW ADDICT eyebrows are FDA/Health Canada compliant so no need to worry about your brow addiction.

  • No more pencilling in
  • No more worrying about getting them wet
  • No more threading
  • No more worrying about permanently tattooing something on your face...what if it turns out badly...we’ve all seen or heard of those horror stories?
  • No more feeling self conscious and uncomfortable
  • Water resistant

IBROW ADDICT Eyebrows: A perfect solution for the woman who wants natural looking eyebrows without all the fuss.


  • 2.5” long
  • Can be cut to size and shape
  • Soft arch to frame the face
  • Water resistant
  • Can be worn for up to 5 days without brow glue or protector twice as long if using both
  • For a natural look
  • Available in 3 densities
  • 2 pairs per/pack

view application video here